.22LR Ammo Shortage Explained / Why .22LR Ammo Cannot Be Found Anywhere

If you are a fellow fan of shooting sports, you have likely noticed that .22 Long Rifle ammunition is next to impossible to find. If it can be found, the pri…

25 Responses to .22LR Ammo Shortage Explained / Why .22LR Ammo Cannot Be Found Anywhere

  • Right on. Why can’t we talk to the manufactures of this amo?

  • J.G. and J.J are butt hurt because when people ,probably your freind’s, said stock up on EVERYTHING ,including .22., they did not and obviously are pissed off. Tough shit. If you had enough to survive on ,you would not be bitching!! Better prepare your self next time!!!!!!!

  • Like others have said, be patient. Everyone rushed out and grabed what they could of the most popular and cheapest, with all the fears at foot.. Now that things are cooling down and ammo manufacturers are at full steam.. there will be plenty in stock. those paying anything over $40 a brick are just foolish.. kinda like what we saw 4 years ago. be patient and next time buy a little at a time when you have a few extra bucks and you wiill be comfortable with what ever comes in the future..

  • Here here.. I live in democratic Santa Barbara and the local shops here have a few more boxes coming through each week. Hang in there U.S.A.. Things will get better. Every negative commet you make gets you closer to an ass kicking my friends!

  • ya but there just jacking up the prices

  • Yep he wasn’t suppose to win that second term total bullshit…he is orchestrating all “these” shootings to get a legit reason to ban guns. We need to hang him.

  • so if the government is buying all this ammo ,,how long can they keep it up,,and what are they doing with all the ammo,,and what are they doing with the ammo they cant use,,22 lr or 270,or 30-30 amd so on..?

  • Fucking Democrats

  • The government is deliberately creating an ammunition shortage in order to deprive citizens of the use of their guns. The butt-hurt liberals are attacking our ability to exercise our 2nd amendment rights via raising the cost of ammunition to the point that is is now impossible for the citizen of average means to obtain an amount necessary to insure that they can defend themselves properly, should the need arise. This attempt at a “back door” gun ban is gross and blatant, and it must be stopped.

  • this video is 7 minutes longer than it should be….. it could have been done in 23 seconds.

  • I personally think this shortage may last a year or more.

  • shh or BBs will vanish

  • It’s not that hard
    1. DHS has been buying massive amounts of hollow-point ammo.
    2. People are scared to death (and rightly so) and are buying up whatever is left over.
    3. Ammo makers are running at 100%, and are also facing brass shortages.

    Due to Congressional pressure, Janet “Napoleon” has reduced the DHS ammo purchases, citing the Sequester cuts as her excuse. She just doesn’t want to answer the questions.
    Hopefully this will free up supplies for the rest of us over the next couple months.

  • Better yet…it could have been summarized in two words…”impeach Obama”

  • HAY! I’m a democrat and for gun rights! Don’t make sweeping statements. This guy has a good point, even if its not the case its still worth being worried about.

  • I’ll be first to admit that Marxists run our government and are trying to disarm citizens, but it’s scalpers and preppers buying up all the 22s. I’ve had to stand in line with these a-holes at 5:30am just to buy a damn box of 22. Preppers, once you’ve amassed 5k-10k rounds, leave some for everyone else idiots. Scalpers are just plain a-holes, no other way to describe them. If you see them at these lines, call them out if they try and take all the ammo first. Bloody pricks

  • well if republicans win senate in 2014 there gonna be looking for payback so it might be a reality certainly no president since nixon has desrived it more

  • Ok here it is!!!!! The government is (not) banning this ammo, The government is not buying up all the ammo, Walmart is not hoarding ammo ETC. the (REAL) issue is you and me. Panic and fear brought on by recent possible new gun laws and has sent millions of americans – law abiding citizens to rush to the stores and buy up for the stocking and long term hoarding . This is 1 reason the second reason is greed, Gun dealers and slick operators selling on gun broker.com – dont buy!@ 3x normal price!

  • just bought a Ruger 10/22 takedown, and got a box of 333 rounds of .22lr! :) last box they had

  • It’s getting to the point where the local stores don’t even have slots for .22lr on their shelves….

  • I am right there with you man.

  • 7 minutes, stopped at 30second. And annoying popups like that are spawn of satan – I want to click play and watch, not have to go to the mouse repeatedly.

  • Obama is shitting his pants, he goes

    Obama: aight ‘merica , u want ur guns, u got em
    good luck trying to find ammo.

    constitution doesn’t cover ammo.

  • Yup! Disarm folks by letting them keep their firearms that they have no ammo to fling. Now the Socialist regime is going to start taxing out-of-state purchases!!!!!!!!

  • Im kidna leanin towards the idea of panic buying, demand increased dramitcly suddenly, while supply is staying the same.

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