Malaysia Airlines missing flight MH370: investigation report – March 13

Kuala Lumpur: Daily news conference of Malaysian authorities on the missing Boeing 777. It is day 6 after the plane vanished from the radars, and while searc…

25 Responses to Malaysia Airlines missing flight MH370: investigation report – March 13

  • Latest press conference on missing airplane

  • So, they can listen to any phone call, read any licence plate, but cannot
    find a plane? Right, you think we are all stupid.

  • i hope this missing airplane will be found…juz give your support and pray
    for a miracle to happen…

  • Three words for you: I do not know what happened.

  • fukin lie ! 

  • Big commercial airlines have actually been missing for years in the past
    and ended up being found at the bottom of the ocean years later. . . the
    ocean is vast and deep. Although, I admit, it is a strange thing,
    especially with the technology available on planes today which act as
    safety nets for a plane to simply gone missing. Such a fault would be so
    rare that I would even consider the intentional act of the pilot simply
    switching off the transponder as being more likely.

  • How on earth can something that big just disappear… Fuckin crazy

  • Is it possible China’s military shot down this plane because it was off
    course and unidentified. And now China is covering it up. 

  • What if it was the Nazi Zionists who hijacked MH370. Benjamin Fulford
    believes they’re involved. Chinese are going to be pissed off. However, I
    don’t think MH370 was shot down. More like hijacked, and it flew for
    another four hours to their secret air base, so they can use the passengers
    for their Satanic human sacrifice rituals. They’re losing control of the
    world, just look at Crimea. I never did believe what happened to flight 93
    either or that plane hitting the Pentagon. I believe they used them for
    human sacrifice as well. We’re dealing with some of the most evil people in

    All you need to do is plot a compass circle at last transponder position,
    and look for some old Vietnam era air base must be around there. That would
    explain why passenger phones still worked, and engine data still being
    received hours afterwards. Funny that transponder stopped working at the
    ground radar’s limit, almost like they knew. 

  • Malaysians are incompetent as shit

  • Dear leaders of Malaysia, keep on trying, don’t give up, and PLZ ignore the
    uncivilized comments from those who know nothing except suspicion, anger,
    hatred, quick to blame others based on HEARSAY. Our prayers are with you

  • Now they say transponders reported air flight data , once an hour for four
    hours after the plane was officially reported lost. It may be headed to
    Iran and possibly it will be used to start a regional war between Ukraine
    and Russia, since it would be disastrous to Iran , if Russia looses
    Ukraine. Unless Putin is forced to enter a war for Ukraine, the Iranian
    Revolution is stalled for ever. Iran needs Putin to be in control for
    Iran to conquest the entire Arab world for the rise of their Caliphate. So
    they could fly the Boeing 777 with tremendous bomb potential, to fly into
    Kiev to incite a war, which Putin then has to win , or Iran’s plans are
    forfeited. They might do a desperate act, to maintain their power play,
    or risk being like Haman , who ended up hung on the same gallows he built
    for Mordecai ( Book of Esther) 

  • The worst part of this strange situation is the insensitive bloody idiots
    that post absolutely ridiculous theories.
    I really do wonder how some of these idiots would feel if they were the
    ones waiting for days at an airport wondering what happened to their
    families ??
    Absolutely disgusting what some people post without a single thought to the
    poor souls going through such an agonizing time waiting to hear about their
    families and loved ones.

  • The Boeing was checked entering Viet Name air space, so they must have
    landed on an old abandoned military air strip, refueled and took off.
    Then they were tracked by a single transponder signal that omitted a
    signal uplinking to a satellite once an hour for four hours. Then that
    was also stopped, leaving the plane unidentifiable. If they had
    refueled, and flew four hours after leaving Viet Nam for the Indian
    Ocean. at a rate of 600 miles per hour, that is 2400 miles, which is
    about two thirds of it’s way to the Middle East, to any place from Somalia
    to Iran.
    If flown with a full tank, Iran is 3900 miles from Malaysia, it
    could make the trip, if refueled in Viet Nam. That would be a complex
    organized hijacking. The plane , if flown to Iran , may be used to bomb
    Kiev in the Ukraine, to punish the Ukrainians for opting to leave Russia
    and join the unity of Turkish and European nations . Persia, modern
    Iran, needs Russia to be the superpower to continue Iran’s plan to conquer
    all of the Middle East, to rise up the Caliphate, as they openly plan to do
    . So if they bombed Kiev, it would start the regional war , where Putin
    has the pretext of the crisis such a terror bombing would do, to invade
    Ukraine and restore that to Russia. If Iran sees Putin weakened, losing
    break away Republics to the West, then Iran’s own ambition is foiled.
    So they would risk a world war with such a terror strike to force Putin to
    make the regional war to solidify Russia , which Iran depends upon, as
    they proceed to make their nuclear bombs.
    That would be ” A shot heard ‘ round the world” to use the Boeing
    777 loaded with bombs to hit Kiev. Putin would immediately invade to “save
    the people” and that is that. 

  • Recents news suggest there could have been a possible hijack? My question
    is, if the transponder is turned off, will the MH370 appear on radar? If
    hijack it is, chances are it has been flown in blind eye to unknown
    destination. Please answer 

  • Why is he reading like he has no clue about it lol 

  • Aliens…

  • I’d look to the two Iranian passengers more closely. Profiling works.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Malaysian government is currently
    negotiating with the hijackers for the release of the passengers.
    Obviously they are not allowed to reveal that under duress.

  • Its very easy to say its a hijacking, easy to blame. Don’t you think
    someone would of claim it by Now .. I just cant believe in today world we
    can still lose a plane of that size….

  • Books about Malaysia Airlines already start selling in Amazon . But the the
    author had the flight number type wrongly . Take a look

  • Bla, Bla, Bla, just more of the same…:(

  • I show in my dream that Malaysia Flight MH370 landed on small island near
    some where at Maldives island but i dont remember the island name…

  • China hates Malaysia now. I’d hate to be a Malaysian fisherman in the South
    China Sea.

  • abit same as china airline 611

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